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Re: Abetta Endurance Saddle Wanted

Hi April -

Did you ever try the modified Natural Ride? I remember answering your ?
about it a while back. By the way, I "thud" now too, only my "front end"
bounces! Luckily, Kit is my bareback horse, and she's little (not too far to

Cheryl in WNY

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From: April Johnson <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, May 10, 2001 1:22 PM
Subject: RC: Abetta Endurance Saddle Wanted

>I'm looking to buy an Abetta Cordura Endurance saddle.  I can get one new
>for $325 including shipping.  I wouldn't mind buying used if somebody has
>for sale at a cheaper-than-new price.  Needs to be 14 or 15" seat.
>April & Tanna
>Nashville, TN
>Yes, I'm the bareback rider.  Not so young anymore.  I thud instead of
>bounce when I fall now.  Would like to have a saddle to use some of the
>Sigh.  When I give up barebacking completely, I might as well give up.
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