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David Bond
David R Bond
Well my friend called me and said "you should see all the bashing about the Biltmore ride"  I could not believe it, so I just had to see for my self.  I had to wait until today (05-10) before I replied.  Debbie & Gene, THANK YOU for a great report, and I agree 100% on your post.  I was one of the "tent people" right behind the out houses (great spot early on but WHEW later on!!!)  We had Denny Emerson in our camp and was honered to pick his knowledge on equines, and to give him advice on endurance.  To everyone who is complaining about all the FEI stuff (and yes it was confusing),and taking the wrong turn, that's life!  The directions in the ride packets were correct and the problem was fixed as soon as it was discovered.  Anne deserves a BIG THANK YOU and I just can't imagine putting on a ride that scale and keep her sanity the was she does!  This is our third Biltmore ride and it is our favorite, and the Elk Valley ride (yes Debbie and Gene), is next in line, even though only 2 of our 4 horses finished.  Hey, we kept everyone up until 4:15 a.m. Sunday morning for our last horse to finish!  To everyone who is complaining about all the problems, if you want a perfect sport, keep looking and good luck.  We should all be thanking Anne as to many rides are being dropped.
Thank you for letting me vent a bit, as my first three attempts were just not appropriate.  
I look forward to seeing and helping other endurance riders and again THANK YOU ANNE .


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