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Re: Reply/Knee guard

 Recuperating from knee fracture.  Would be grateful for  recommendations on
kneeguards/protectors that are good on
 the trail for our long hours.  Thanks, Betty.

Betty:  Pro-Choice makes a nice knee protector; a bit pricey, but quality
stuff.  It is neoprene and velcro so you can adjust it loose or tight.  Of
course, for bad knees, you might also look into stirrups that will absorb
shock--Trail Techs are good ones.
I ride a saddle with forward-hung, free-swinging stirrups which help the
knees stay comfortable.

You can also try shinguards, if you want padding over the patellas and upper
shin.  Barrel racers use these to protect their legs when running on a horse
that gets real close to a barrel.  I'm thinking you might like the soft
vinyl shinguards.  Try this link:  then scroll
down to the Barrel Covers link and follow that to the shinguards.

Good luck and do what the therapists advise, too--painful knees are not fun
when riding long-distance.

T-P Ranch Equine Massage
Gretchen Patterson

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