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RE: Concurrent Rides

Then ride managers need to be MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE.  So far, there have been some complaints about
Biltmore by a few people, and no real complaints about SASO IV and Washoe.  And I'm sure that Barbara
McCrary will manage Swanton AERC well, with the concurrent CEI-A, also, when that comes up in July.
Somehow though, in the back of my mind, the riders who will be riding in the CEI-A will probably be
riding in the AERC ride as well at Swanton.  Right Barbara?
Besides, if we ever host a World Championship again, ride managers should be able to handle
the FEI rules.  Managing FEI rides now would be good experience for the future.
I wish I was able to go to Washoe to compare.  SASO IV was probably very low-key in comparison because
it was a CEI-B with fewer riders.
It seems like most of the complaints about Biltmore could have just as easily happened if it wasn't
an FEI ride and was just an AERC ride.  Trail markers, wrong directions, confused volunteers didn't happen
just because it was FEI.  The only thing that could be truly irksome is the parking issue and this is
where the ride management may have to be creative to make all competitors happy.
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the CEI-A's pan out over this year.   I bet by the end of the
year all this FEI rules business will be ho-hum.  And maybe some of the rules that FEI imposes
on rides will be changed due to influence by AERC so that there is less diversion in rules.
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You are familiar with only one WELL RUN,BY A KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON, ride. When the majority of the AERC membership, and by this I mean non-FEI oriented, get the FEI rules imposed upon them it is not correct. Yes, a WELL RUN ride will not do this but many rides in the interest of convenience do impose the FEI rules upon ALL riders even if those riders are only AERC competitors.
Bob Morris

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