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Anne George Saddle

Barry E. Shanahan
On March 3,2001 At The AERC National Convention I ordered a Anne George Saddle. Anne George insisted that she needed $1500.00 up front to accept the order for the saddle. Upon accepting the order I was informed that my saddle would be ready in 4 to six weeks. Today is May 9th, 2001. We are between 9 and 10 weeks from the original date promised delivery. 
                                                                 Several weeks ago, I was told that there was a problem with the hardware. Today, when I called and spoke to Ann George, she told me there was a problem with getting the tree. Now, the delivery date would be somewhere around the first of June. At which time I told her to send me the money or the saddle.  She told me she could send me the money, but it would take about a week because she was going away and wouldn't be back till Tuesday.  I am now waiting for her to get around to returning my $l500.00, which she was adamant about receiving upfront.  The moral of this story is ...........buyer beware!!! Trust no one.  By the way...I have done three rides without my awaited saddle!!  
Surely, there are loads of good saddles out there!
Watch out for Anne George Saddles!!!
Barry E. Shanahan


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