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Biltmore Blues

Deanna German

In your reply to Nina I noticed that you mentioned that you crewed previously to help you learn the ropes of endurance. Super! How many rides have you volunteered to work for? 

Some rides are done with riders cross entered in IAHA regional events or with CTRs run at the same time over the same course as LD and endurance. It's really not a big deal! At the rides I've worked at, the horses are numbered such that the timer/vet check volunteer can see immediately which ride the horse is entered in.  Problem identified, solution offered. 

I've been at timer for an event where LD, endurance and CTR were all ran over the same course on the same day. Yeah, I screwed up on the time card of one CTR rider and she was really cool about it. I notified the RM and tracked her through the rest of the ride. If it had affected her ride result, I would have worked with the RM to make right my wrong in a fair way. 

You've identified some problems; great! I've finally witnessed some suggested solutions instead of just grousing; terrific! Now let's hear some more solutions. If you're close enough to Ohio, come on up and work a ride or two with me and my husband. I know some ride managers who would just love another knowledgeable helper.

Deanna (Ohio)

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