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In a message dated 5/9/01 10:44:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

I ask is it of any concern of the FEI, what criteria that the US (read AERC)
uses to choose a team for competition in International competition. It is
the requirement that every team member be familiar with the International
rules of competition, but the actual criteria of the FEI sanctioning the
rides we choose to use for qualification? What is the intent of the FEI in
making this a requirement. Do they fear we will be entering inferior
riders? That would be our responsibility.

Good point, Bob.

<<A third point is, if we choose to have some of our rides functioning under
the aegis of the FEI why not have all of our rides do this for the sake of

This is pretty much the way FEI would like it, I believe.  It's known as
political control. I wouldn't like an entity in Europe telling us in the USA
how to run our rides on a day to day basis.

<<Then of course there is the question of dominance. This occurs at the local
ride level at the regional level and at the national level. We know who
dominates at the International level, the FEI so we do accept that. But do we
have to have this bureaucratic organization at our national level? And if we
do, will they also control the day to day operations? If not, of what use are

As I was saying before........
I believe I would prefer that we qualify our own riders in our own way, but
as FEI controls the international scene, we will no longer be allowed to do
this. Being a very independent person, I would be perfectly happy to forget
the whole FEI thing, but there are a small minority of our riders who want to
compete internationally, who like it, and I have no quarrel with that.  I
just know that most of our members don't want to be involved with FEI, and I
can't see forcing AERC to become a subsidiary of FEI against the wishes of
the majority. This is what would happen if we adopted FEI rules for all of
our events. It's not just the rules, it's the control thing I don't like.

"...and that's just my opinion."


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