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Re: Hackamores & Cavessons

Bob Morris wrote:
> First you must clarify. Are you speaking about a Hackamore as in Jacquima
> made up of a Bosal, Hanger, Fiodor and Macate, or are you speaking about the
> so called mechanical hackamore.

I am speaking about a mechanical hackamore.  Specifically, one of
the shorter-shanked "jumping" hackamores.

> Then again all I have ever seen the cavesson used for is either to either
> alliveate peer pressure or the force an untrained horse into accepting
> (under duress) the bit.

Probably what we're running into here is the difference in custom
between the "English" and "Western" disciplines.  I've always
ridden English, and always used a cavesson as a matter of course.
The difference in untrained vs well-trained was how tight the
the cavesson was fastened.  (I've never had to resort to a drop
or cross-cavesson--but then I'm originally a saddleseat rider where
such things are completely verboten.)  Now that I'm giving up my
pelham for the Western tradition hackamore, I got to looking at
my cavesson and I found myself wondering just why I was still
using it.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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