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FEI questions

I guess I may have missed some points made on this subject,
but maybe someone out there can clear up a couple of
questions for me:

1. How many rides in the U.S. each year have an FEI

2. When there is a ride with FEI & AERC, couldn't these 2
groups have an agreement as to how a combined ride be

3. In the Biltmore, I know FEI had to wear shirts with
collars, did the AERC riders also have to comply with this
rule? (Can't imagine 200 endurance riders EVER taking a
collared shirt horse camping with them! :)

4. Couldn't a combined ride have separate rules? It would
be easy to tell the difference between riders of each
group, no collars = AERC, collars = FEI. They could also
have some sort of different marking on the horse, like
Juniors or 25 milers sometimes do. It seems like it
wouldn't be that difficult to have some combined rules,
that wouldn't affect the AERC riders, while still providing
FEI with their rules AND you could have some rules
separate, like the collars, helmets, crops, HRM's, etc. 

I guess I don't see what the fuss is really all about, of
course I haven't been to an FEI ride, so I'm just trying to
decifer these posts. I commend any ride manager ANYWHERE,
but especially ones that take on the extra tasks of putting
on these combined rides.  

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