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Re: RC: Re: FEI/AERC Rules

In a message dated 5/9/01 8:44:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

If FEI and AERC need each other, why don't
the two organizations get together and come up with ONE set of rules we
can all live with? There are GOOD things in FEI rules that probably
should be in AERC rules. Perhaps AERC could convince FEI to drop or
modify some of the controversial stuff in their rules or waive them when
they are not applicable to a particular ride here, stating specifically
which FEI rules are waived in the entry form for that ride. Actually, I
see no reason why a Ride Manager, under AERC rules, could not run the
ride under FEI rules on their own, since FEI rules meet or exceed AERC
rules. (Same thing as the RM requiring helmets)  

FEI has adopted many of AERC's rules over the years. Its rules were, at one
time, much more restrictive than AERC's, so this is a good thing for us in
the USA.  Europe is more rigidly structured in many ways than we are, due in
great measure, to it's history (a long story, based on our observations
during our trip to Switzerland, and our first contact with FEI rules, in
1985).  The parts of the FEI rules that many AERC members are rebelling
against, at least in theory, are the more rigidly structured ones.  And also,
we in the USA pretty much originated endurance as it operates today (there
were endurance marches and stuff in the European military, 19th century and
perhaps earlier).  AERC members don't want to lose our individuality, and we
don't want some of the politics that go along with the international control
of endurance (FEI).  As much as I personally believe in helmets, I know that
many members don't want helmets to become mandatory.  I don't agree with
their choice, but I respect their right to decide for themselves.  Same with
hooded stirrups or 1" heels on footwear, even though this is protection for
the rider.  Most of us feel that our safety should be OUR decision, not the
decision of some government agency or international organization. When we run
our 75/100 mile ride on July 7th, there will be two separate governing
bodies, while the riders compete on the same trail at the same time, and
those riders will be identified as such.


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