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RE: Hackamores & Cavessons

First you must clarify. Are you speaking about a Hackamore as in Jacquima
made up of a Bosal, Hanger, Fiodor and Macate, or are you speaking about the
so called mechanical hackamore.

Then again all I have ever seen the cavesson used for is either to either
alliveate peer pressure or the force an untrained horse into accepting
(under duress) the bit.

Bob Morris

-----Original Message-----
From: Linda B. Merims []
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 1:20 PM
Subject: RC: Hackamores & Cavessons

Is there any reason to put a cavesson (noseband) on a horse
wearing a hackamore?

I think the purpose of a cavesson is to keep the horse's jowl
substantially closed so that they cannot open their mouth to
escape the action of the bit.  But if the horse is wearing a
hackamore, this same logic would say there's no point in
the cavesson--if anything, a horse opening its mouth would
*increase* the strength of the hackmore action.

Looking for holes in the logic, or reasons missed altogether...

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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