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Re: FEI/AERC Rules

This is exactly the way I feel.  I have no problem with having FEI
rides. I have no problem with AERC sanctioning of FEI rides.  I have a
problem with the WAY that is done. If FEI rules are "better", then why
don't we use them? That way there would be no favoritism, segregation,
decisions as to which rules apply, OR controversy. EVERYBODY rides FEI
rules or EVERYBODY rides AERC rules, including Limited Distance...good
experience for them as well.  I would happily comply with one set of
rules and probably attend either one....but I am vehemently opposed to
using both.  It's not fair or reasonable" to do that.  I went to
Biltmore not riding FEI, expecting to ride just AERC rules, especially
since I was riding the 50.   If FEI and AERC need each other, why don't
the two organizations get together and come up with ONE set of rules we
can all live with? There are GOOD things in FEI rules that probably
should be in AERC rules. Perhaps AERC could convince FEI to drop or
modify some of the controversial stuff in their rules or waive them when
they are not applicable to a particular ride here, stating specifically
which FEI rules are waived in the entry form for that ride. Actually, I
see no reason why a Ride Manager, under AERC rules, could not run the
ride under FEI rules on their own, since FEI rules meet or exceed AERC
rules. (Same thing as the RM requiring helmets)  

Another suggestion.... All you "Gung Ho" FEI people, why don't you start
conducting "first time" seminars on FEI rules at rides like we do for
"first time" LD riders? A little education could go a long way. Why
don't you sponser an LD/50 ride under FEI rules?  If you follow all FEI
rules, you will certainly comply with AERC rules. You might be surprised
at the attendance...and it would generate interest and increase the
knowledge base on international Endurance.  If you want us to support
your FEI aspirations for AERC, you're going about it the wrong way. 
Some of us feel it's being "rammed down our throat".  The more you
threaten us with dire implications if we don't "join the rest of the
world", the more resistance you're going to get.

Enough....I'm outta this discussion....

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Bob Morris wrote:
> Tracy:
> You miss my point. I was just making a comparison between the two sets of
> rules. I do not indicate that one is better than the other.
> I would have no question if a ride stated they were running under FEI rules
> as printed or if that ride stated they were running under AERC rules as
> printed. But when a ride is conducted with some FEI rules, but modified to
> fit that ride and under AERC rules modified to fit the ride, then I am
> totally against it.

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