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Boz saddle

I forgot to mention how hard it was to explain to the man the
problems we were having.  We too, found him to not quite
understand we didn't care about being the best but, that we
wanted our horses to be comfortable.....his one solution to our
problem was cut slices into the tree so the tree flexed more
plus he wanted us to buy the different pads too.  It was real
frustrating dealing with the man.  We still have the saddle but,
only Mike rides in it as the twist is way to wide for me.  Like
I stated before we bought our own felt pads of different
thicknesses to use with it........but, for the price you pay I
just don't think I feel we should have to cut slices into the
tree to make it fit....and any suggestions we had we met with
real nasty come backs by the maker.

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