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RE: RC: Re: Valerie Kanavy saddle

whhew, glad I wasn't the only one to say "yeah, what's the big innovation?".  I was pretty interested in seeing it too...since I really figured that she rode in a totally custom saddle instead of an off-the-rack one like most of us have to deal with.  But, now..who knows (do any of you btw?).  More info would be nice.  Kinda reminded me of a Arabian Saddle Company Solstice (which, I loved if I could just afford one!)


> ** Original Subject: RE: RC:  Re: Valerie Kanavy saddle
> ** Original Sender: "Sullivan's" <>
> ** Original Date: 8 May 2001 03:33:38 -0000

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> Well.....there is nothing I saw to be impressed about since there was no
> real information about how the saddle was constructed, or what made it such
> an "innovative design."  It looked to me more like a re-designed Crosby
> Marathon than anything else....


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