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Biltmore, again

Kathy Brunjes
This was my 5th visit to the Biltmore - Anne Ayala and volunteers are always wonderful, and being (myself) part of ride management at other rides,
I know what goes into organizing an event of this size....believe, unless you've managed a ride, or as the saying goes "walk a mile in my shoes" you 
have no idea how many things can go wrong, no matter how much planning and organizing go into the event.  Thank you, Anne, for your time and energy.
ok - so I was riding FEI and I was using the Biltmore as a "demonstration" ride for USA East - and ok, I didn't complete, and I was among the MANY who
went off trail....again, stuff happens, and you just chalk it up to one more experience.  Hopefully, we ALL learn from things like this....
On the whole, the event was well run.  As Deb Zanot stated, we NEED FEI rides in the USA in order to field a WEC team that is up to snuff - and as we
put on more of these FEI events, they will become smoother.  The FEI officials were helpful and courteous to us all.  We need to reciprocate and show our 
respect of their knowledge.  We can't do this without them!

This was the only time I have not completed the Biltmore and it was a major disappointment to me - but, again, it's one ride of how many on the schedule?  we now 
go forward and put our game faces on for the next one!  So - again, thank you Anne and Ray Randall - and all the vets there who bent over backward to help
us throughout the day - and special thanks to Robin Oscar and Maggie Price and the FEI crew....
AND congratulations to all the USA EAST nominated horses who did the job and looked terrific at the end....go EAST!!!!!

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