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Biltmore/FEI/Lisa S.

I haven't visited Ridecamp in a few days but what a 
commotion!  First off I'd like to say that I'm glad that 
someone finally made Lisa S realize that you can't please 
everyone at every ride.  I thought that this housewife was 
my friend- or did she get a job??  Thought I saw something 
about her having to take time off of work!  I think her 
hubby must've dropped the draw reins he so desperately tries to keep ahold of.  Anyway, knew her for 
about 6 years, she flamed my ride bad on  I 
endorsed and promoted her ride at the awards banquet, even!
I know this is her 2nd year as a NON-SANCTIONED ride manager
but those 12 or 14 friends of hers show up every year!  LOL
Biltmore:  I planned to go but didn't.  Unfortunately, times
they are a-changin' and I plan to participate in the Nat'l
Championship as an FEI rider this year.  Looks like I'll 
have to- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  I have been to 
other FEI rides as a non-FEI rider, and the segregation is
the norm.  I don't post often, though most of you know me,
but I agree that the sport will have to evolve, whether we
like it or not.  As to the "my horse is faster than your 
horse" comment, there's a run what you brung place in 
Brooksville with a racetrack, maybe that's what some people,
who tend to be 'marker spot runners', need to be.  
Susan Sams
Double S Stables

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