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Re: RC: Response to Biltmore Bruise by L.Salas

In a message dated 5/7/01 10:37:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

--completely in ignorance, and has evidently passed that habit on to others. 
If you educate yourself, then you've got a right to say something.  Those of
you who do otherwise are merely spouting off the rhetoric of other uninformed

 I am in total agreement here with you Brenda!  I am just a farrier who sees
a lot of the horses and riders that compete at these rides,FEI or not.  
 If we are not apart of  FEI events here in the U.S., "NO" horses and riders
will represent the USA in future world events? The riders and horses come
from "OUR" grass roots, up through the ranks and rides to achieve goals they
have set for themselves.  Yes, all of their goals may not yours and yours not
theirs but educating yourselves to the facts and not hearsay will determine
our future leaders in this great sport.
 AS far as bitching and moaning about rules and separation, FEI is the next
level up of competition.  If you don't want to better your self and your
horse stay at home and keep you mouth shut, because people like Angie, Karen,
Cori ,Brenda, Stag, Meg,Connie,Sue and numerous others have stepped up to the
plate and are willing to play.  They are taking the next step and may become
the next hero(s) of the sport.

I remember two years ago,"Connie(Walker) Who?"- PAC '99 Champ

 Jaye Perry
 Farrier who shoes both FEI and non-FEI horses what ever ride he works with
no preference to the horse or rider  or level of competency of both.

    Check it Out!    

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