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My butt hurts! Suggestions?


A few months ago, I had my mare bare-tree fitted and bought
a Saare saddle.  I really love the saddle, and it fits my
mare well (bunchy shoulders, broad, flat back, well sprung
barrel - murder on saddle fitting!).

The thing is, because the tree is so wide, I find that
riding in the saddle for extended periods make my two
seatbones hurt.  I didn't have this problem so much when I
was riding a narrower saddle - but that didn't fit my horse
well, so....I'd rather have my butt hurt than her back or

Do those seat-saver things really work?  They looks so
puffy, like they'd raise me another couple of inches off my
horse.  :(    But my seat bones get to feeling like they're
gonna start protruding right through my skin sometimes!

Any suggestions welcomed!


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