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Re: RC: health certificate

Hi Elyane,

My vet doesn't have to come out again if he has seen the horse with in the last 30 days, he just post-dates the health certif.  to his last visit. However, if he hasn't been out w/in 30 days, he has to come out again.    It is pretty much required by most states if you are traveling out of state of oner a certain number of mile. (# of miles varies upon state) Here in Colorado they require a "branding inspection" if you are traveling over 75 miles or out of state.  It basically is a very detailed description of your horses, to help prevent theft.  They hold the right to pull over any trailer and inspect the horse and remove him if not properly certified!  Good Luck on your ride


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>Subject: RC: health certificate
>Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 19:23:26 -0700
>I'm planning on taking my 2 horses to the Pyramid ride in KY
>next month and just found out I need a health certificate to
>come into Ky. My horses had their vaccines and coggins exactly
>two weeks ago, yet the vet said he must come out a few days prior
>to the ride and give them a 'check up' in order for me to get the
>certificate. That means about a 175. bill on top of the ride fees. Is this how all vets handle giving a certificate? In all
>my information I've picked up reading Ride Camp, I don't believe
>I've heard this subject mentioned. How many states require
>Certificates? Do many of you run into this problem or are your
>vets more willing to give you one by fax if they are the primary
>caretakers of your horses?
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