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Re: RC: health certificate

In a message dated Thu, 3 May 2001  9:43:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "" <> writes:

<< elayne
I'm planning on taking my 2 horses to the Pyramid ride in KY 
next month and just found out I need a health certificate to 
come into Ky.  My horses had their vaccines and coggins exactly 
two weeks ago, yet the vet said he must come out a few days prior
to the ride and give them a 'check up' in order for me to get the
certificate. That means about a 175. bill on top of the ride fees. Is this how all vets handle giving a certificate? In all
my information I've picked up reading Ride Camp, I don't believe
I've heard this subject mentioned. How many states require
Certificates? Do many of you run into this problem or are your
vets more willing to give you one by fax if they are the primary
caretakers of your horses?>>

I don't know of a state that does NOT require a health certificate on horses coming in from another state.  The entire purpose of the health certificate is to limit the spread of disease by only transporting healthy horses.  Therefore, yes, the vet must examine the horse to make sure it is healthy.  Also, some states require rather specific information from the exam on the health certificate--such as temperature.  (I know Florida does.)  However, most are far more reasonable on fees for health certificates than what you quoted if they are your horse's regular caretaker--especially if they just came out two weeks ago to do the vaccinations and Coggins tests...


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