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More info for the 1984-1995 on-line ride results

Russ Humphrey, Bob Morris, and I are getting closer to having a rider/horse history and ride
results from 1984-2001 on-line at


What we have:

1.  new data from most of the rides in the Dec. 1984-1995 period.
2.  Placings and points for most of the rides
3.  Placings showing up in rider history now
4.  Miles for each of these years

What we don't  have:

1.  Data for all the rides or even placings/points in all the rides.  At least 5% of the rides
have missing data - possibly more depending on the year.
2.  DNFs for most of the rides - because of this - we cannot show the DNF in your history
so it looks as if you didn't do that ride.  And your completion rate looks like 100%
in the 1984-1995 period. This will not bother some riders...

What we are never likely to have:
1.  Pre 1984 data - it's on paper...

At this point - data is getting better but still isn't the same quality  we have for 1996-2001.
It never will be.  There were lots of problems in the data from the old office program and
extracting it was not easy.  There were 5900 rides in this period.  We did not type them
in - we used the old data from the office system and figured out how to get it into
a format that the new on-line system could use.  This was not easy...

At this point - it's interesting and fun to look at.  But don't email the office or me with corrections
because it is still in progress.


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