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Re: Daily elyting vs impaction colic

Susan wrote:

>>have you had the water quality checked?  It's *totally* abnormal that a horse at rest shouldn't drink, given water that tastes okay.  I'm wondering if there are some dissolved solids or something-or-'nother in the water, or some other reason why he shouldn't want to drink a normal amount.  <<
The water is my borehole water, which was recently tested after we had a cholera epidemic and declared fit for consumption.  Does that count?  I'm tearing my hair out with this.  PG drinks an enormous amount of water, and Toc drinks fine as long as he gets his 25 grams of elytes daily, but goes on "starvation rations" without them. 
>>Something about the water container, or its location or *something*....<<
Rubber bucket in the stable, plastic bucket in the paddock.  Same place in the stable, but we move the paddock bucket occasionally to let the grass underneath it grow.  Again, he's fine with this arrangement as long as he's being elyted.
>>no way should a horse stop drinking if you stop forcing him via elytes.<<
I know it's not good to give them to him daily, but I'm now terrified to take him off of them.


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