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Sherry Davis
Dear Ridecamp members,
My mustang (remember Fat Boy?) was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease, or "spavin" last month.  The attending clinician at KSU recommended the horse be confined to a dry lot for a month (he had already had 2 full months stall rest (personal vet recommendation) with no improvement in condition before I brought him to KSU vet hospital). He didn't give me any other information.  I am very disappointed with that experience, however, X-rays did show the degenerating bone surfaces.
My research on the web revealed that some vets recommend continued activity to promote faster bone fusion and that these horses will many times become fully sound after the bones have fused.
I would like to know what other people have been told to do with horses diagnosed similiarly.
sherry (down in the dumps) and hudson (don't lift that back leg so high Mom, it hurts when you do that!)

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