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Re: RC: MSM & the Police

In a message dated 04/13/2001 8:08:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Here in So. Calif. they have been locking up the MSM for some time. At one 
 big tack store they were having a problem with druggies shoplifting it off 
 the shelves. I think it is a major ingredient in meth labs or something like 
 that. >>
You're partially right on why they lock it up.

I am a police officer in No. California and have had experience with MSM 
being used in the drug world.  Mostly its used as a "cut" for methamphetamine 
(crank, speed, etc.).  After the meth. is processed, the MSM is mixed in to 
extend the meth.  Therefore, more meth., more money.  Got a guy with lots of 
it one day.  He was selling it as meth., but our tests wouldn't come out 
positive for meth.  Took a while, but he finally admitted that it was MSM.

Hope that helps.  Take it easy on the coppers.  Yeah, they may check out 
who's buying the stuff, but it pretty obvious real quick who's using it 

Abigail Madden

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