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Re: RC: Sportsaddle/Treedsaddle/Bareback

--- Cheryl <> wrote:
> Lightweight, medium- or heavyweight, I don't know
> what the cut-off is. I weigh 150lbs. (I already know
> I'm no featherweight, my clothes tell me that!). Can
> someone tell me what weight class I would be in? Do
> you include your saddle/tack/extras, also? 


You include everything over the starting line except
the horse in that weight.  :-)  You & all the tack.  

Feather weight = < or = 160
Light weight = 161 - 185
Middle weight = 186 - 210
Heavy weight = >/= 211

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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