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Re: RC: Re: Barbed wire fencing

VERY important to watch the grouping of horses in barbed wire enclosures.  My 
mare had been out in the same pasture for several months with a variety of 
horses, mares and geldings, with no problems.  For some reason the woman I 
boarded with decided she was going to put Misty Moon out this particular day 
with only two geldings, one of which was kept in the next stall.  She had 
been kicking at the stall wall at this gelding since he moved in a week or so 
before.  I don't know what was in this woman's head, whether she thought they 
would work it out if they were pastured together or what.  End result, the 
gelding ran her through the barbed wire, which she knew was there and had 
never had any problems with before.  She ended up sliced and diced from one 
end to the other, and I ended up with a vet bill, stitches, and a new 
boarding situation.  Mixing sexes in a barbed wire pasture can be a real 
problem, as some geldings will chase and harass a mare unmercifully.   jeri

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