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Re: New ?--Heart monitors

ya know what..I just figured out why 'mabel' keeps comming up on the front
of my email!  That's the name of the stationary that I use...except I turn
it off for the list.  Don't know how to stop that from happening, so please
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From: C. Osborne <>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 10:57 PM
Subject: RC: New ?--Heart monitors

> MabelOtay...(gee, see what happens when I lurk a million
> questions when I come out of hiding!)
> I THINK I would love to have a heart monitor....after all, I keep track of
> MY heart rate when I'm at the gym so I don't over/under work. So, why not
> the horse?  After all, he/she can't actually speak the words to me and I'm
> just not good enough to take a pulse and trot :)
> So, since I know basicly everyone agrees that heart monitors are necessary
> equipment when conditioning, not just a novelty...what ones do you guys
> thebest?  The equipment at the gym is powered by Polaris, and seems to
> fine.
> C
> PS (thanks to everyone who've taken time to answer me instead of just
> letting the new wierdo babble :)
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