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Re: For Susan G - supplement question

> Susan (or anyone else in the know)-
> Can I mix/store the below supplements together without
> compromising the effectiveness of any of them? I'd
> like to combine these supplements for rides/camping
> ahead of time and store each ration in a small
> container until adding to the daily feed.
> 1. Multivitamin pellets (2 ounces)
> 2. J-Flex powder (1/4 ounce, maybe?)
> 3. electrolyte powder (1 ounce)
> 4. mineral salt powder (1 ounce)

Yup, no problem.

Just as general rules of thumbs, vitamins should be kept away from heat as
much as possible to avoid degradation.  The fat soluble vitamins, ie A, E
primarily, are very sensitive to heat, light and air, but are usually
encapsulated during processing to help protect them.  So if you feed vitamin
A or E gelcaps, don't open the caps when you feed them, just feed them whole
to keep them isolated from light and air.

The proteins in chelated minerals theoretically could be degraded if you did
something really unusual to them, but we're talking leaving them under a
broiler or things like that, not just mixing them together, so don't worry
about them.   The elements in minerals themselves, ie sodium, chloride,
calcium aren't, in fact CAN'T be degraded or destroyed (which is what by
definitition makes them elements).  You can't create or destroy minerals
outside of a supernova (literally), so odds are you probably won't do
anything too drastic mixing them in a bucket together. :-)

Have fun!

Susan G

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