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Re: Scary incidents

When I was 13, we moved from a farm to a rural residential area, and my only
access to all of my riding haunts was by state highway through a small town.  
Now we are talking about 55 years ago, and the traffic was minimal then, even
on a state highway.  However, one day I was riding my mare along the highway,
on the right side and well onto the shoulder.  I was always very careful.  
Fortunately, my mare was bombproof, as a pickup breezed along SO CLOSE that
the handle of the offside door bumped the stirrup right off my left foot.  I
can only surmise that it was intentional, because there was enough room that
the driver didn't have to do that.  It was a scary moment for me, one I've
never forgotten.  It's a good thing I don't live there now, for that
"highway" has now become a secondary road to the 4-lane divided highway that
was finished three years after my incident.  The traffic now on the secondary
road is INFINITELY worse than it was when it was when I was a teenager.


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