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Re: RC: Scary inceident

In a message dated 04/10/2001 8:28:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< So have any of you out there have a simular experiance?
 What did you do about it?
 Colleen K. >>
That's a very serious incident you've just described.  I don't know where you 
are, but in CA I can think of several vehicle code and criminal violations 
that person commited (can't do much about the morality issue, but there's 
always civil court).  I know you said you couldn't get the license plate 
number, but a good description of the car and driver could have led to him 
being stopped by the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over your area. 
 If you could identify him, he could have been issued a citation at the very 
least.  If not, the cops could have at least contacted the driver of the car 
and counselled/informed him about the laws he broke.

I'm glad you and Polaris were not physically injured.  I imagine the 
emotional trauma would just be horrible.  I hope you never have an experience 
like that again, but if you do, call the police.  They work for you, you will 
not be bothering them, they are there 24/7, and if they seem too busy to be 
bothered by the lady and her horse, talk to the supervisor.

Good luck and be safe,
Abigail Madden

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