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RC: Scary inceident

I've had similar experience with this also.. my horses are located on the base
of Mt. Diablo, a short ride into the park.. but to get into the park, you have
to ride along the street for about 10 minutes or so.  Most cars are considerate
and will slow way down, earning a smile and a wave from me.. :)  but then you
have the looney-toons like the one you describe that get their kicks from
scaring peoples horses...   There is a lot of traffic because of the entrance to
the state park, not necessarily horse-knowledgeable people.  If I see someone
coming around a bend going at high speed, I'll wave for them to slow down until
they do.. then say thanks as they pass.  But even some people won't respect that
and still go zooming past.  It does still make me nervous though.. especially
now since my new mare is a bit green to traffic and you never know when she'll
decide something is scary in the bushes and spook into traffic (which she hasn't
done so far).  Actually, my quarter horse gelding did this once in front of a
HUGE cadillac that was thankfully cruising pretty slowly.

& Isabella Mari

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