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whew that was close(long)

It started out just a perfect Saturday evening. I was scheduled to work thru 
rush and jet off to go to a local horse show to be "introduced" as a 
sponsor. Then we were going to load the horses and two dogs up..grab a 
picnic lunch and head out anywhere we could find a trail.
Saturday afternoon the truck makes a noise like a cat was stuck in the drive 
belt... pop open the hood, timing belt is s l o w l y wearing out... call 
hubby and we cancel jetting off to trail ride..No problem we will ride 
behind the house and find out where some of those trails end. Go to the 
horse show no introduction....even paid to get in! froze my arse off in the 
stands and got tons of dust in my contacts...oh well they were short 
handed..had a blast watching the mules under saddle..shook my head when I 
saw a bleeding mouth...(not very educated bunch of people here.) young girl 
was showing her racking horse and as the judged passed in lineup she blew a 
bubble and popped her gum..Oh manners either! I think I later saw 
her pulled over and told the police officer to kiss her patooty with out 
removeing her cigarette.
Sunday...ahhh beautiful day to be out to worship Gods work the way I love 
to. Horses felt great the dogs were our sentrys (arabs need sentrys you 
know.) We come to a creek.. this creek has been dry for the autumn and 
winter. It was now full flowing and Ansata had never been thru one. After 
much encouragement from "come on Ann" to leg flapping and butt poping we get 
one foot to touch the water. Mean while Haley is out in the middle about to 
take a bath with husband on board. She is like the dogs...wanting to lay 
down in the middle of it and lap it up! Ansata is the prissy chick afraid to 
get her suit wet. Well after much debate we get in...and with sides 
trembling..we sit there for about 3 minutes. Ansata time is 4 years 3 days 
and 12 hours. Not once did the creek reach up and grab her nose or tickle 
her tummy.
Off we go on the trail. We find old trail and follow it till we can't go any 
farther and turn back..Both hubby and I are back sore and butt sore. Trying 
to find the right way back takes us down a hill I thought was safe. Next 
thing I feel we are backing up. Ansata has found some wire under the leaves. 
I get her to stop and tell her DONT MOVE! she stands dead still and trembles 
a little. I have done some fast dismounts in my life all we involuntary 
until today. I was off so fast Robert thought I had fallen until he saw me 
reaching for my horses legs. I get her clear and she hasn't a piece of hair 
out of place. I continue to walk in front of her to "scan" for wire. Robert 
and Haley are close to Anns butt. We make it safely home and feed the two 
tired dogs and horses. We attempted to sit on the front porch...after 6 
months of very very very very light riding..we need some serious cushions! 
We go out to eat and Rob heads to the driving range while i head to the car 
wash to rinse out saddle pads.
Monday Truck goes to shop...yep a warped pully...$$$!
Tuesday crap hits the fan....We had just visited Dennis and Nancy Minnix in 
Bowling Green when we got home to feed the horses..Haley started 
choking..Rob happened to have the cell phone so we quickly call the vet. She 
attempted to lie down several times but we kept her moving. I thought 
colic...Robert was keeping her up while I was on the phone to the vet. I had 
never seen a horse choke...but there again she was trying to get down to 
roll and we were right there yelling and shouting. I was calling information 
and the stupid lady was laughing when I was telling her to hurry my horse 
was going down..I said Lady this aint funny get me the damn number. no 
apology just was given a number...called vet.... out in 30 a 
vets eye it is 30 minutes.. in the owners eye it is 4 years 12 days and 3 
hours. Vet shows up and by that time I have been made a liar..She manages to 
get over her gives her some banamine to settle her down..tells 
me there is alot of sand colic in this area and says he would add metamucil 
to their diet about 3x per week 1/2 cup..needless to say they are back in 
the back yard so we can check on them frequently thru the night. Got a call 
from one of our got very busy and gave crappy service...and 
all I cared about was our hell with the business.. this is my 
babies. And you know.. the guy I married almost ten years ago that never 
thought he would end up scratching a horse because they were dirty said the 
same hell with the business right now..this is our kids.
I am so glad I married this guy.
Carla (men can convert)
Ansata (oh goody we get to visit the dogs!)
Haley (chew chew chew..i must remember to chew!)
Rob (take her pulse again to be really sure!)
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