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Starting times in on-line calendar

In response to:

So (correct me if I'm wrong) using this site as an example,
with the time
of 6:00 listed, we are to assume that 6:00 is probably the
starting time
for the longest distance -- first riders out?  We would then
adjust the
time about an hour for each distance?

Well - it's really this way.  The only data we see from the
office database is what appears in the
overview field.  If there is more from the RM - I believe
that in the interests of space in the EN -
only the starting time for the longest distance is printed.

So I think the time you see there is longest starting time.
But I really would not depend on this
to get there in the morning.  Depending on conditions like
fog, weather... the times can
often change and are announced in the night before

I would not make any assumptions on the start times of
others from that - I have seen a controlled
start where both LD and endurance were at the same time -
and up to as much as 1.5 hours

It's certainly a reasonable guess but not more than that for
the starting times of the shorter rides
on a 50/25 combination..

But when the starting time is 4 AM - you can be sure it is
the 100 and the others are not going
to start an hour later...  I also saw a 100 in TX that
started at 2:30 AM


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