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Re: RC: Horse Coming Loose from Trailor-Tie

Hi Lauren,
    Have you checked to make sure the velcro didn't get filled up with junk
after the first " escape?"  If it is crudded up, there might not be enough
surface for a good bond.
cheers, Laney

Lauren & Allan Horn wrote:

> Twice now, my arab has come loose from the Trailor-Tie when the Velcro
> becomes undone. Anyone else experienced this?? First time, I left camp
> with his "buddy" and he must of ran circles around until he got free. He
> was quickly caught after realizing that he was in a strange place and
> didn't really know where to go. The second time was just this past
> weekend when we got a knock on our RV door about 6am saying that "your
> horse is loose". He moseyed on over to his friend tied on the other side
> of the trailer. I have no idea how he got loose. I didn't feel him pull
> and he doesn't pull back. Maybe I should just ditch the velcro and just
> tie him without it to the Trailor-Tie?
> Lauren
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