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>There are reports of heinz body anemia in horses from wild onions. But I
>have seen no data as to the amount necessary cause the problem. See Thorp,
>F., Harshfield, G. S. 1939. Onion poisoning in horses. J. Am. Vet. Med.
>Assoc., 94: 52-53. I haven't read this - not in my library :).
>My understanding is that cats are particularly sensitive. The problem has
>developed in cats fed baby food containing garlic. Check the 1998 issues of

I've got the first article kicking around in my files somewhere, as well as 
some other stuff. I'll try to exhume it.
The cat issue is interesting, and came up on the CAVM list 
recently--several of the list members have seen Heinz body anemia in cats 
and dogs fed garlic or onions, in amounts smaller than one might think.

I've been itching to do a modest experiment on the levels of garlic 
necessary to induce Heinz body anemia in equines, but I need a grant <G>.
                      --CMNewell, DVM

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