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Probiotics life span

>I think a small pinch pe syringe is 
> sufficient.  Too much and you can get gas cramps, which looks alot >
like tying up at the time.

I don't recommend putting them in every syringe.  The first time I tried
probiotics was at Biltmore.  My horse had a C on guts and Joe Edwards
loaned me some.  Next time he had an A and I was sold.  So, when I did my
next 100 in Augusta I gave probiotics every time I gave electrolytes.  My
horse was looking great at 80 miles, running in 3rd place and he trotted
out so pretty the people at the 50 milers awards applauded...then he went
to the trailer and got gassy.  :-((  He didn't eat, and wanted to lay
down.  Vet listened to his gut and didn't recommend any treatment at all,
just walk him.  I pulled and an hour or two later he was running in
circles neighing on the picket line every time a horse went through camp.
Talk about depressing!  Since then I mix one syringe with probiotics and
mark it with a strip of duct tape.  If his gut's a little slow or if he's
not eating I give that one.  After lots of rides I still have that

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