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Re: Probiotics life span

I think that's pretty good advice.

Susan G
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> >I think a small pinch pe syringe is 
> > sufficient.  Too much and you can get gas cramps, which looks alot >
> like tying up at the time.
> I don't recommend putting them in every syringe.  The first time I tried
> probiotics was at Biltmore.  My horse had a C on guts and Joe Edwards
> loaned me some.  Next time he had an A and I was sold.  So, when I did my
> next 100 in Augusta I gave probiotics every time I gave electrolytes.  My
> horse was looking great at 80 miles, running in 3rd place and he trotted
> out so pretty the people at the 50 milers awards applauded...then he went
> to the trailer and got gassy.  :-((  He didn't eat, and wanted to lay
> down.  Vet listened to his gut and didn't recommend any treatment at all,
> just walk him.  I pulled and an hour or two later he was running in
> circles neighing on the picket line every time a horse went through camp.
> Talk about depressing!  Since then I mix one syringe with probiotics and
> mark it with a strip of duct tape.  If his gut's a little slow or if he's
> not eating I give that one.  After lots of rides I still have that
> syringe.  
> Angie
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