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Re: Probiotics life span

If the lil white bucket spent the summers in a hot tack room, it probably is pretty much toast.  The bugs reactivate at above about 100 degrees or so, especially in a moist environment (which pretty well sums up Florida), so while they wouldnt all just instantly die, you've lost most of them over time.
If/when you get a new batch, I think a small pinch pe syringe is sufficient.  Too much and you can get gas cramps, which looks alot like tying up at the time.
Susan G
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From: Randi Lavikoff
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Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 10:49 AM
Subject: RC: Probiotics life span

Any ideas if I can still use some Fastrack that's been sitting around for a year, possibly 2, in a white sealed small bucket? Also, what's the correct dosage recommended to give along with electrolytes at vet checks on a 50, and how often? Thanks, randi in Florida

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