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Re: Probiotics

They're somewhat different products.  The Yea-Sacc isnt sold OTC for horses,
but it is for cattle and swine (it was originally developed for producers)
and so feed stores that cater to cattle producers will carry it.  Exactly
the same stuff.  I shlepped ten pounds of it to Reno with me to give to
Lovell and of course forgot to give it to her, so shlepped it back again.<g>
Anyway, it's produced by All-Tech, Inc. and they have a website at .  They might be able to help you find a
distributor.  It's real concentrated, five pounds is enough to top dress 5
tons of horse feed.  And retail it's only $12 for 5 lbs, without a bunch of
fillers and warm-and-fuzzy herbs and "special additives" thrown in, which I
find amazingly refreshing.

There are also a couple of feed companies that are including yea-sacc in
their grain formulations, but I couldnt tell you which ones exactly.  I
think Pennfield, LMF and the American lines include it, but not positive.

Susan G

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> Ack!  Susan, I can't keep up with you!  Is this better than Fastrack and
> where do I get it?
> Thanks :)
> Lisa
> > Keep up with the probiotics---my personal preference is for Yea-Sacc, as
> > it's the only one I've seen that actually had some research data behind
> > indicated it helped maintain body weight.
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