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I just got back from doing 2 days at the Gambler's Special in Jean, NV.  I
used my Supracor Pad under my OF Express Lite one day and my Patriot the
second day.  I was trying to ride with a looser cinch because as I get
older I don't spring into the saddle too lightly any more (more like drag)
and I have found that I am increasingly tightening my cinches more to
compensate.  So anyway, I am trying to make sure I have a looser girth. 
Well about 30 miles into the first days 50, my Supracor had slithered
almost right off the back end of my horse, barely caught it before it was
too late.  Guess my girth was loose enough, redid my pad and tightened
just a little.  I found that I had to keep checking and about 10 miles
into the first loop on Sunday I finally cut one of my saddle strings and
tied the pad to my saddle (pad comes equipped with a leather tab
w/grommet).  Still love the pad, but I have to tie it to the saddle or it
will slip right out the back.  That was on two different horses and two
different OF saddles.

Just a report as we have discussed the Supracor on RC previously.

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