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Re: RC: Re: alternatives to halters during turnout

Good idea!  I've also seen people use two dog collars buckled together.   I just
know I love using the collars.

Abby Bloxsom wrote:

> Lif -
> I don't know about Mickie's, but my halters are made from those nasty
> old rotten stirrup leathers that you don't want to throw away but can't
> use anymore.  They break easily, and I buy brass rings from Teddy to run
> the leather through - that's what I snap onto.
> I have smallish turnouts, though, so when they break and the ring falls
> on the ground they're fairly easy to track down.  The ring is near the
> broken collar, and with a new hole, the collar will then fit the next
> smaller size horse.  Quite handy.

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