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Re: RC: portable hot showers

At 2:07 PM -0700 3/31/01, Susan Garlinghouse wrote:
>Wasn't someone looking for sources for portable hot showers a little ways
>back?  I was cruising around on Cabela's website and came across their hot
>water systems that run off of propane and either a hose or with a 12-volt
>pump (rechargeable battery or plug into the car) to use a bucket or
>whatever.  Anyway, it's not dirt cheap (about $270), but looked like a good
>set-up that would work great at a base camp.
>Here's the url:
>Susan G

I use an cheap solution, not as cheap as a solar shower, but nicer, I 
think.  It's a device that is powered by 4 D-cell batteries, that you 
drop into a 5 gallon jar like a Sparklett's bottle (I use a clear one 
from Smart and Final, that I refill for both the horse and me). 
Leaving it out in the sun all day makes the water nicely warm.  The 
battery pack is water-proof, the impeller stays in the jug, there's 
an on/off switch and a great shower head with an off switch too.  It 
comes with a hanger, I just use it hand-held in my horse trailer.

I had the floor epoxied some years back (solid aluminum) so I 
wouldn't have to worry about pulling mats as often.  I just park so 
the trailer's on a bit of an incline, sweep the shavings to the 
front, and have a great shower.  The thing only cost 25 bucks or so, 
and is a definite step-up from the solar.

When removed from the pack and stored, the batteries seem to last 
well.  I bought it at Sport Chalet; it came with a cheap collapsible 
bucket that I promptly discarded.  Saturday's shower only used about 
3 out of 5 gallons.


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