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Re: History:

I find this interesting as my grandfather, Lewis Wright,  Chadron, Nebraska,
bought horses for military buyers, and helped gather horses into central
locations for army inspectors.   Buyers were interested in cavalry mounts
and light, fast, draft horses for gun teams.
He was still doing this into the early  1930's.

During WW I  some of the cowboys that were drafted spent their service time
riding horses for the Army buyers.  Horses were
brought to collection points to be tried out.  If they could be  ridden
across the arena and were otherwise suitable, the Army bought them.  Didn't
matter if they bucked or stampeded, just had to be ridden.   Then some other
cowboys at places like Ft Riley had to finish them enough to be handed to
some cavalry recruit.   Bet that was interesting doing drills etc.
As a youngster, I remember knowing some of the cowboys, Montana and Wyoming,
who spent the war riding horses only a few hundred miles from home.

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ideal required...'
>          "To quote Stevens  again, remarking on the little horses used in
> the Khartoum expedition: 'It is really wonderful what the Arab pony will
>          "...When, at last, the War Office listened to Lord Kitchener, the
> horses that finally proved  of value to his army, were the 100,000 cow
> ponies, bought by men sent from England to the plains and ranches of the
> western United States."
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