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fabric for breeches/tights on eBay

If you, or anyone that you know, likes to make your own breeches or tights,
or has a business making these for others - then check out the following
items on eBay: 1129553559, 1129554885, 1129556107, 1129558275, 1129561038,
1129564254, 1129569417, 1129572795, 1129549282. These fabrics are all
cotton/lycra or poly/cotton/lycra blends of medium to heavyweight breech
fabric with 4-way stretch. This fabric was purchased from JPC of India and
imported at great cost! The reserves on theses fabrics are less than 25% of
the original purchase price! Fell free to e-mail if you have any questions.

    Check it Out!    

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