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RE: RC: RE: About Tom.. to Susan - NOT

Okay, you might not see ME (yet - or never, time will tell)
in the field of competition, but we'd love to
see your riders compete with some of ours at Tevis.  In fact, why don't
you have them prove themselves there?  We could use more international

<<As to who is God and who isn't, who knows what and who doesn't, all of
that is proven on the racetrack and is simple blather when taken into the
realm of misinformed but strident opinion that so typifies this forum.>>

Just replying to Teddy.  Seems like she's down on American riders, and I
wonder where she gets that opinion from. Tom, I'd love to see things
proven on a REAL endurance ride.  Please take up the challenge.  We will
ALL benefit.  Flat racing in the desert just doesn't do it for me.

<<See you on the field of competition. That's where the truth outs. >>

See ya at Tevis?


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