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Re: RC: Bette's post re: results & world cup

Dear Truman
And your point is????
We can also go back to "little disagreements" with the Germans but I
don't see slamming there and we are still buying much of our electronics
from the Japanese. Historical/political differences do not have to creep
into all facets of international relations. We are not a political group
on ridecamp--- just folks who like to ride and compete. Lets leave
politics out of it as Steph has repeatedly requested.
Bette, who breeds RUSSIAN horses (am I politically incorrect, too?
Support Glasnost and put one of my Bolsheviks in your barn :-) an old ad
I ran that I really liked!)

"Truman Prevatt, PhD" wrote:
> Many Arab countries and the United States have been on the opposite side of the geopolitical conflict
> known as the Cold War since the 40's. The US and the Arab countries have been (and still are) on the
> opposite side of the Arab/Israeli conflict. We have been on different sides of one conflict or another
> for over 50 years. And if you have been paying much attention to the newspaper it should be somewhat
> obvious that the Cold War may not be as much of history as we would all like and Russia still has a
> large interest in maintaining a geopolitcal sphere of influence in the middle east.  Added to that
> terroist funded by some Arab countries have proclamed a holy war against US interest and the people of
> Israel.
> We still have armed forces in conflict with one Arab state and do not have dipolmatic relations with yet
> another.  While one cannot paint all Arabs and all Arab countries with the same brush, there is a rich
> history which documents why the Americans and Arabs might not trust one another.
> T
> "" wrote:
> > Nickie
> > <<<Perhaps some ride campers do not realize that Arabs have computers, too
> > and are probably reading many of the posts--- they do speak our
> > language--- some more properly than us>>>
> >
> > Bette,
> > This was a great post...I can assure you that people in the UAE do read some of these posts
> > (I live in the UAE, have for 5 years)--it seems that Arabs are the last ethnic group that is okay to
> > attack unreservedly, to Americans they can do nothing right!!!  I hope everyone reads your post
> > and really thinks about what you wrote.   Thank you for writing it.
> >
> > Nickie
> >
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

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