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I thought I would step in and answer this one: Some do, some don't.  But we stay in contact with Mary Ann Fowler who is a distinguished staff member of Rails to Trails who we took on a horseback ride several years ago to give her our perspective.  She is a fun person and liked the ride, also empathizing with the caution we take with bicycles around horses.  Anyway, I am traveling to Washington DC and hope to spend at least one night with her for dinner.  I called attention once to the fact there were no horses pictured in their photo calendars and the next time she included horses.  My point is that as small as we are as a user group, we need to stay connected and voice our needs at the national level.  You can reach Mary Ann Fowler for any information on current rails to trails that horses can use at  IT IS IMPORTANT TO STAY INVOLVED AT YOUR LOCAL LEVEL. FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE ANY R TO T IN YOUR STATE!

At 07:39 AM 2/25/00 -0700, you wrote:
I am involved with a Rails to Trails developement in Idaho.   There are 84
miles of trail along the Weiser River, with nearly half ready for use by
horses, rest still under developement.
Horse use is encouraged,  with hitching rails installed and planned, and
water sources along the trail.
It is my impression that the overall Rails to Trails program is meant to be
used by many kinds of trail folks.     The trail configuration is very
conducive to multiple use.

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>>> Rails to Trails will help to take some of the pressure
>>> our existing trail systems. So if you have a rails to
>trails operation in
>>> your state, please become involved!
>I thought the vast majority of Rails to Trails projects did
>not allow horses.  Has that changed?
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,  
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