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Saturday, February 26

Hi to the Distance Riders:

Unfortunately for the endurance riders I see that the Shine & Shine ride
is cancelled, but if you are looking for something to do, come join us at
the NATRC Region I Convention at Loma Prieta Community Center -
information previously posted but if you need more information post back
tonight - I am leaving tomorrow about noon to head down there.

Just thought I would bore you with a very impressive list of raffle
prizes - read no further if not interested.  

Carol - as it is raining I don't feel QUITE so bad about not riding this

Raffle Donations from Businesses:

Adobe Animal Hospital * 25 Lbs. Platinum Performance

supplement $130. Value

An-Jan's Feed & Pet Supply * $30.00 Gift Certificate

Auburn Western Wear * 1 Bottle Mane/Tail Conditioner

* 2 Bottles of Leather Therapy

Browns Ranch & Supplies * Equine First Aid Kit

Mary Fenton of * 2 Free Centered Riding

Center for Centered Riding Lessons $130. Value

Christensen's Saddlery * Bucket full of goodies

Echo Valley Feeds * 2 Bags of Grain

Ft. Dodge Pharmeceuticals * 10 Tubes of Wormer

GB Equestrian * Nylon Halter

General Feed and Seed Co. * Pack with Water Bottle

* 2 - $25. Passes to Myler Bitting Clinic

for 6/14 or 6/15 in Soquel

Guenoc Winery & * '96 Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

$150.00 Value

Hoofin" Bed & Breakfast *Overnight Riding Vacation

Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co. *$15.00 Gift Certificate

Merial Pharmaceuticals *Swiss Army type Knife

* 10 tubes of Eqvalan Wormer

* Pair of Binoculars

*Baseball Hats

Offutt's Tack * 100 Gift Certificate

Ophir Feeds * Bag of Grain

Pacific Coffee Roasting Co. * Gift Package of Coffee

Penryn Feed *Montana Silversmith Watch

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals * 3 - 10 Lb Tubs of Strongid 2 CX

Placer Farm Supply *Lead Rope & Halter

Pony Express * 3 Bottles of Miracle Groom

Poster *Pair of $49.00 Sunglasses

Santa Cruz Mt. Post Card * Box of Post Cards $20. Value

Sproule Chiropractic * 2-$248. Gift Certificates

Stateline Tack *Grooming kit; 5-$;

*Bucket; Watch; Water bottles

*Duffle bag; Hat; Travel Mug

Stationery Outlook * Decorative Vase

Summit Store * $25.00 Gift Certificate

Raffle Donations from Members

Carol Barnes * Box of Coffee from Neiman Marcus

* $10.00 Gift Cert. To Christensens

* Address Book

* $115.00 in Coupons for Bar 'F' Products

Ralph Dever * 2 Hand Made Rope Halters

Mavis Ellis * Silver Earrings

* Bridle Holder

Sally Francy * "The Man Who Listens to Horses" by Monty Roberts

* "At the Track a Treasury of Horse Racing Stories"

* Leather Bound Photo Album

*" Woody" Bubble Bath

Kathy Nixon * Sweatshirt

* Sweater

R. & M. Takle * Leatherman Knife

* Novelty Radio

* Photo Stand

Katy & Helen * Novelty Ceramic Butter Dishes

Woelfel * Magnetized Note Pad

* Silk Flower Wreath

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