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There's actually going to be something happening here.

I really can't believe this. Almost exactly a year ago I started nudging
people to get them thinking about endurance. Got one group more or less
interested but they never did anything. Then Sheikh Maktoum decided that he
wanted to be able to ride around the Pyramids, contacted people here and we
are having a 25 km qualifying ride on Sat. Mar 4. I'm helping to get hold of
riders and get out publicity materials and stuff, and working on Radar. Then
in mid April there will be a 60 km, and on May 19 a 100-120 km from the
pyramids at Giza probably to Dahshur and back. They'll probably wipe us out,
but there are some of us crazies who are willing to give the whole thing a
try....and see that the layout of the ride isn't just a bulldozed flat loop.
We have some really nice plateaus and funny bumps in our landscape as well
as places where the army used to practice bulldozing about 40 years ago.
Should be interesting.  Any of you who've actually ridden in the Gulf want
to give us some pointers?

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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