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Hi, Campers,

I have an spur of the Burlington-Northern that was donated to the Rails-to-Trails thing. The local officials made a big to do about it, including an article in the paper. It said that the trail was going to be left gravelled for "bikers and hikers". I called the so called rep for Rails to Trails and asked, what about horses, are there any plans to make it accessible to horses? 
The woman on the phone said, "Well, we're leaving it graveled, anybody can ride on it." I told her that gravel and horses don't mix very well, and was there any plan to bare a strip so that horses could travel on something other than gravel. She said, and I quote, "Oh, I am so tired of you horse people always wanting us to change everything just for you." and hung up. 

I remember that conversation every time I get another Rails-To-Trails begging letter in the mail. And I throw the damn stuff into the recycle bin.

Michelle and Jordan (mom, those rocks hurt my feet.)

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